Thursday, May 23, 2013

Evening Primroses, Verbena and Strawberries and Cream Roses: This Week in my Maryland Garden

Evening Primroses: Copyright © by Phyllis Wheeler, May 2013
I love spring! God has certainly blessed us with an amazing abundance of flowers and greenery here in Maryland. The evening primroses (above) are flourishing, even though I thought they were weeds and pulled at least half of them out earlier in the spring. I left a few, just in case they weren't weeds and those have spread like wildfire. They surround our strawberries and cream rose bush (below) and our reblooming dwarf lilac bushes.

Fancy Verbena: Copyright © by Phyllis Wheeler, May 2013
I love this fancy verbena. I think it's called lollipop verbena but I'm not sure because it came in a mixed pot without a tag. I'm going to have to learn to propagate verbena just so I can have more of these lovely plants next year.

Here's one of our strawberries and cream roses. The lighting was poor but I wanted to include a picture of it in this post so I'm not copyrighting the photo but do ask that if you use it anywhere that you give me the credit and link back to my blog (

What's growing in your area now? What are your favorite spring blooms?

May God bless and keep you!


  1. Those strawberry and cream roses are so beautiful. I'd never seen them before. Thank you for sharing these pictures. So lovely!

    1. Thank you kindly, Kay! I love them too.