Thursday, January 8, 2015

Happy New Year & Free Gift For You!

Happy 2015! I hope it will be your best year yet, filled with blessings and every bit of love, peace and joy your heart desires.

My year end review template is my free gift to you to thank you for your support! No email address or strings required. It's a Google docs spreadsheet. Just save it as a different name so it goes from the shared template to your own personal version and enjoy.

May God bless and guide you in this new year and always! As I said last year, "If you are grieving or suffering in any way as you read this I pray that God will ease your pain and that you will feel His loving presence in your heart. If you would like more information on God's great love for you, I recommend visiting Peace be with you, dear friend!"

Note: Here's the full link to your free gift:

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