Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Easy Way to Honor A Veteran this Veteran's Day: Send a Card!

A National Guard Heritage Painting by Keith Rocco, U.S. Government Printing Office, 1990. The painting is part of a spread from Purple Heart magazine designed by my friend Jackie Peeler and appears on her portfolio website DesignExcellence.me, coming mid-November. The detail is used with her permission.
Hearty thanks to every veteran who has served or is serving our country!

I just learned that we can thank a World War Two Veteran by sending a card to:
4901 Silo Road
Alexandria, VA 22310

I'm sure all cards for veterans are welcome but handmade cards would be most appreciated. And cards by kids are always extra special. Be sure to send it so it arrives before November 4th so it can be presented by Veteran's Day. I plan on making some this evening. The card(s) can be fancy or just say "Thank You" - it's totally up to you!

Here are more details from the original source, the Honor Flight Capitol Region's Facebook page: "Write or draw a card to a WWII veteran, and put it in the mail to us. We'll handle the distribution.

We need to receive your card(s) by Nov 4, 2015. Mail them to

4901 Silo Road
Alexandria, VA 22310

This is an activity everyone can do -- it's not limited to folks in the DC area!

From our Honor Flight Capital Region trips, we can say the MAIL CALL (when the veterans receive letters and cards from friends and strangers alike) is truly one of the day's highlights.

Questions? Please email Danielle@HonorFlightCR.org. And a big THANK YOU for helping us to spread the word!"

Image source
Thank you for visiting! May God bless America, our veterans and you!

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