Friday, February 5, 2016

Rare Blue Poppies for Floral Friday

Himalayan Blue Poppy: Copyright © Phyllis Wheeler, 2016
Happy floral Friday! Last year my husband and I made a special trip to see Longwood Gardens' rare Himalayan blue poppies.
Raindrops on blue poppy: Copyright © Phyllis Wheeler, 2016
They were spectacular and I loved them wet or dry.
Blue poppy overview: Copyright © Phyllis Wheeler, 2016
The photo above shows the blue poppies on the right as you step into the exhibit.
Blue poppies and other flowers: Copyright © Phyllis Wheeler, 2016
Here are some of the rare Himalayan blue poppies planted near a pretty pot of orchids and among anthurium blooms.
Open Himalayan "lingholm" blue poppy: Copyright © Phyllis Wheeler, 2016
The blue poppies are a floral delight and I hope they make you smile. I also hope to be able to see them again this year (I haven't yet seen an annoucement as to when to expect this but think last year it was in March). 

Thank you for visiting! May God bless you!

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