Thursday, June 30, 2016

Take Back Your Time Challenge - Unplugging in July

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Starting tomorrow (July 1, 2016), I'm joining Move Your Body Better's "Take Back Your Time" challenge. The idea is to quit social media for the month and make better use of your time. There are tips, instructions and information on prizes on the challenge's Facebook event page if you're interested in joining.

For me, this means that in July I will not use the following apps/websites:
What I'm hoping to accomplish with my extra time:
  • Finish a big research/writing project with a July 14 deadline
  • Read to at least page 100 of Franklin Graham's All for Jesus book
  • Read to at least page 100 of Gary Smalley's Change Your Heart, Change Your Life book
  • Finish reading Fay Wolfe's New Order clutter busting book
  • Add more movement to my life
  • Become more mindful about my internet usage
It will be hardest to stay off Facebook because I'm used to posting a Bible verse in a group each morning and wishing my friends happy birthday, catching up with people and playing games each evening. I only recently joined Instagram so that will be a little easier, although I really do enjoy the app. I can't even remember the last time I logged into Twitter and haven't used Periscope in over a month so the rest should be super easy. 

I consider Google Plus an extension of my email and spend less than 5 minutes a day there so I'm not including that in my social media ban. I'm also not including Pinterest, even though I rarely use it, and may not use it during the month of July, because when I do use it, it's for a practical project or visionary/planning session.

What are you doing to have positive time management skills this summer? May God bless you and your efforts to better your life!

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* = Really easy to stay off this site because I don't even have an account
** = Because I entered a tournament before I accepted the challenge, I'm making one quasi-exception and that is to allow myself to play Prolific (a Boggle-like word game, which I find very fun) by using a direct link (technically, it's on Facebook but by using the direct link I can quickly play my games and go and that's what I'm committing to do - no clicking any other links, checking Facebook messages or notifications; play and go). 

I wasn't asked or paid to write this post and am not affiliated with Move Your Body Better or the Take Back Your Time Challenge except as a participant/fan. All opinions are my own 


  1. Its funny because I just came across you r and I'm trying to do the same thing. The Lord is telling me to, so I better move. Wow. Thank you Jesus and as a fellow Christian, May God bless you as well☺ Oh, my name is Romina and I'm going to try to follow you.

    1. Thank you Romina! May God bless your efforts to take back your time and grow in faith!