Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Multicolored Blooms: This Week in My Maryland Garden

If you follow my blog you know I love flowers. I just snapped this rose photo minutes before this blog post. It's such a joy to view God's handiwork in the garden!

 This week our honeysuckle vines started blooming. Love the sweet fragrance of honeysuckle!

This week our yellow irises started blooming too. Most of our irises don't have a scent that we can detect but the yellow ones smell sweet and delicious, kind of like honey. Here you can see a ladybug perched on the yellow petals. I think I took this photo and the ones below yesterday afternoon.

My husband planted three flats of marigolds in the front yard and it's brightened things up quite a bit. Should look even nicer once they fill out. Soon the zinnia seedlings will join them and, God willing, the bed closest to the street will be full again.

I'm not sure if this plant just hadn't bloomed before (it was previously buried in a clump of grass, courtesy of previous residents) or if it's one of our regular blue irises that mutated to include the nice white variegation. Either way, it was a nice surprise.

What's growing in your garden? Are there any plants you're especially fond of or looking forward to seeing bloom?

Our oldest echinacea (purple cone flower) and Stella d'Oro day lily both have buds so hopefully I'll have flower pictures from those plants to show you next week. Until then, may your heart be filled with joy and may the God of all creation be with you!


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