Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Amazing Azaleas - Wooded Walk Photos

Pam Enjoying Azaleas: Copyright © by Phyllis Wheeler, April 2013
Today my friend Pam and I enjoyed a walk in the National Arboretum's amazing azalea gardens. They span a huge hill (called a mountain by some locals) and encompass every color azalea I've personally seen. It's a feast for the eyes and delight for the soul. If you live in the Baltimore - Washington DC Metropolitan area and like flowers, it's a great (and free!) day trip to make.

Azalea Walk: Copyright © by Phyllis Wheeler, April 2013
The Arboretum staff seem to have seriously cut back a good portion of the larger bushes but there are still plenty of colorful azaleas to view in their wooded azalea walk.
Azalea Hill: Copyright © by Phyllis Wheeler, April 2013
Pam gets credit for leading me to this shooting location. Thanks Pam!

Blue and Red Flowers: Copyright © by Phyllis Wheeler, April 2013
 I liked the contrast of the red azaleas and the blue flowers (from the hyacinth family).

Azalea Walk Stairs: Copyright © by Phyllis Wheeler, April 2013
Here's a view from the top of the stairs. The bottom of the stairs is one of the main entry points to the azalea walk. I hope you enjoyed these overview photos. I plan to follow up tomorrow with some azalea close up photos. Thank you for celebrating God's amazing creation with me, Pam! May God bless Pam and may He bless you, too!

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