Monday, December 17, 2012

Crossroads & Your Suggestions Welcome

Photograph by richard_b
If you're wondering why I haven't posted in a while, it's mostly because I've come to a crossroad with blogging here. I've used up all the free photo space allowed so I need to decide whether to pay Google for additional storage, store photos somewhere else and link to the urls for the blog or take a leap and start my own webpage (or some alternative I haven't thought of yet - feel free to share your ideas!). I'm hesitant to spend money on the blog because it's not bringing in anything significant. At this point, it's more my gift to the world and something fun I can do from home, which brings me to the second reason for my silence.

In November I was gravely ill. I wanted to keep the focus of my November posts on gratitude so I don't think I mentioned that in my posts. I'm not feeling led to share the details of all my health challenges (it's one area of my life I do prefer to keep private) but suffice it to say I have a host of them and when one problem crops up it can quickly become a domino affect and lead to life threatening and/or potentially permanently disabling consequences.

By God's grace, I am healing and so very thankful for the measure of health I do experience. Our very life and breath are gifts from God. And that naturally brings me to the third reason for my relative silence. It's the Christmas season. Jesus is the absolute best gift we could ever receive. I've been using my bits of energy to prepare for and celebrate this precious season. Merry Christmas to you all (and for those that celebrate Chanukkah, Kwanza or other holidays - a happy holiday to you)!

Someone suggested that I turn my November thankfulness series into an eBook and I'm considering that. I will likely wait until the New Year to investigate further but I thank you for the idea! I love hearing from you all, whether you post here, on my personal or writer Facebook pages or email me at

So, if you have ideas or suggestions I'd love to hear them! I'm especially interested in free places to park photos, pointers on transitioning to a regular website, what you love most about my blog, what I could do to improve it or serve you all better and anything you think might help me with deciding my next steps on this writing path.

May the God of all peace and healing bless you, keep you and be with you dear reader!


  1. Praise God for his care! Glad you're feeling better. Send me link to your other page, I don't do Facebook anymore. I can't see spending money either, not when there's so many free spaces out there. Praying God will lead you where he next wants you to be...blessing us!

    1. Amen! Praise the Lord for His goodness and grace!!! Today I was able to go for a walk by myself and it was such a huge blessing. Every bit of health is a treasure. But the far greater treasure is God's love.

      Thank you for your kind words Judi! You are a blessing to me!

      God has provided a sponsor so I will likely have a new webpage up in the New Year and will share the link. It's an exciting new challenge and way to share. Until then I will still post here but will have to use pictures from elsewhere on the web :)