Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Cherry Blossoms, Washington DC Monuments and a Haiku Poem

Cherry blossom season is my favorite time of the year here in the Washington DC - Baltimore area and my favorite place to view the cherry blossoms is by the Tidal Basin. I took these photos this weekend and hope you enjoy the beauty of these fleeting flowers.
 The Washington Monument with cherry trees blooming near the forefront.
The Jefferson Memorial framed by cherry blossoms.
 A different view of the Washington Monument (from the other side of the Tidal Basin).
I love seeing the cherry blossom petals float in the breeze and that's what all those spots are in front of the Jefferson Memorial in this photo. People standing with me on the bridge exclaimed in joy and appreciation as the petals streamed by.

Cherry Blossom Haiku 2014
Beautiful petals,
like clouds of pink joy floating
in a light spring breeze.
Praise God for the beauty of His creation, which includes my beloved cherry blossoms! May He bless you and keep you, dear friends!

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