Thursday, March 20, 2014

Happy Spring Haiku Poems and 12 Celebration Ideas

Spring blossom photo by Phyllis Wheeler, March 2014
Happy first day of spring! While I am thankful for each day God blesses me with, this is a very special one to me and my plant-loving mother. The first day of spring is something we enjoy celebrating and I hope this post will make you feel like celebrating too!

Happy Spring Haiku 1
Celebrating spring -
it's my favorite season -
filled with hope and love.

Happy Spring Haiku 2
Spring brings fresh flowers,
Easter, sunshine, warmth, freedom,
renewal and joy.

While I am spending more time praying for a loved one undergoing cancer surgery today, I am still taking time celebrate spring and thought I'd share a few ideas on how you can join me if you like.
  1. Get outside and enjoy nature
  2. Plant some seeds (I planted two more flats today!)
  3. Dance
  4. Sing
  5. Go for a walk
  6. Make a new beginning
  7. Have a happy spring party
  8. Create something (art, photograph, poem, anything)
  9. Enjoy a special meal with fresh ingredients
  10. Plant a tree 
  11. Wear something that reminds you of spring (I'm wearing flower earrings)
  12. Do something that makes your heart sing
There are many ways to celebrate spring. How will you celebrate? I'd love to hear about it!

May God bless you this spring and always!

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  1. #9 remined me the time when we were really poor, about 13 years ago.
    I saved some money and bought a cucumber, a couple of tomatoes, a salad and radishes in the middle of winter.
    We couldn't afford them on daily basis. Well, we couldn't afford them out of the season at all.
    I made sandwiches with ham and all those veggies. It made that day for my wife.

    1. Thank you for sharing that precious memory, Michal! Your wife surely felt your love and enjoyed the special treat. May God bless you and your family!