Saturday, March 29, 2014

Quick and Easy DIY Mosaic Planter

My current reading nook with my DIY mosaic planter
During a recent clutter busing session I noticed that I hadn't been using this lovely purple mosaic candle holder. I knew that I had to either find a use for it or release it to a new home (I didn't get a picture while it was still empty but you can just imagine it without the plants).
Overgrown basket of plants in need of TLC
I had already decided to Freecycle this overgrown basket of plants and realized that I could save a few of the plants from the basket and easily turn my mosaic candle holder into a mosaic plant holder.
Mosaic planter as seen from above
So I used an appropriate sized plastic bag (and double checked that it had no holes - you might consider double bagging if you try this), put some old marbles at the bottom of the bag for drainage (old bits of Styrofoam would work too), added potting soil and gently transferred three plants from the old basket to their new mosaic pot. Voila! I think it took less than 10 minutes, including gathering the supplies and bringing everything outside, to complete the project. Easy peasy. I am truly enjoying this previously forgotten piece and I've already received lots of complements on my creative DIY planter too.

DIY mosaic planter with cascading houseplants
Over time the plants should fill out the planter even more nicely. I will aim to err on the side of under watering it (vs. over watering) so the plants have the best chance of success.

Do you enjoy DIY projects, crafts or houseplants? What's your latest project?

May the God who created the universe bless you and everything you set your hands to do!

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