Friday, April 24, 2015

Primrose, Blind Baby Finch, Angelique Tulip, Baby Bunny and Daffodil

Yellow primrose: Copyright © Phyllis Wheeler, 2015
Happy floral Friday and welcome to "this week in my Maryland garden"! Because I was under the weather and missed out on posting this week's "wild Wednesday" feature I decided to include some of my yard's wildlife in today's post.

As you can see in the photo above, our primroses are at peak; I love this cheery yellow one.
Blind yellow finch: Copyright © Phyllis Wheeler, 2015
I'm no expert but I think this is a blind baby yellow finch. The other eye looks even worse than the one you can see in this image and it pokes around for a bit before finding the food hole. I am amazed at this little bird's tenacity and thrilled that we're able to contribute to its well being. It's the first blind bird I've ever noticed at our feeders. 
Angelique tulip: Copyright © Phyllis Wheeler, 2015
The Angelique tulips are our favorite. The National Arboretum has a much larger collection of them (and theirs are even larger and nicer looking) but it's nice to have a few in our own yard.
Cute yard bunny: Copyright © Phyllis Wheeler, 2015
Our first rabbit of the year has been feasting on our weeds (and hopefully will stay away from our flowers). We enjoy watching his cuteness hopping around the yard. 
Stormy daffodil: Copyright © Phyllis Wheeler, 2015
This might be the last of our daffodils but, by God's grace, there will be a nice variety of flowers coming throughout the year. Spring has just begun and I sure do appreciate its beauty.

Thank you for visiting! May God bless you and those you love!

Which was your favorite picture? Do you have any tips for helping a blind bird survive in the wild? Or getting wild rabbits to eat just weeds and not flowers? I'd love to hear from you!

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  1. Hi Cat,
    It's amazing that this bird survived at all! What a shot, what a story!
    The rabbit is sooooo sweet.
    "Do you have any tips for getting wild rabbits to eat just weeds and not flowers?" - ha, ha, ha, your faith is strong, you believe in miracles :D

    1. Hi Michal,

      Thank you kindly! That bird is a miracle. Perhaps I'm overly hopeful on the rabbits vs flowers issue though. May God bless you!