Monday, January 9, 2012

Clear Inbox, Clear Mind

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The joy of a clear inbox! I haven't known it since I opened my account years ago. When I first signed up for my gmail account I loved that they said there's no need to delete anything ever. So I didn't. Then sometime last year I realized I had over 30,000 emails. It started to bug me. So I started to delete but they just kept rolling in. Hundreds a day (and this is with a great spam filter). I eventually got them under 20,000 and gave up for a while. After all, I rationalized, I wasn't anywhere near my limit and even if it was mildly irritating it was time consuming to delete 100 at a time when there are so many sitting there.

Then I read Leo Babauta's The Power of Less and started subscribing to his fantastic website and suddenly I wanted an empty inbox again. I started cancelling unnecessary newsletter subscriptions and became more ruthless with the delete key and, finally, this weekend I got my inbox down to zero. It's fantastic. I have a beautiful ocean scene greeting me once I'm done processing and email is now a pleasant place to visit instead of a harbinger of 30,000 things to do. So I'm going to enjoy this happy moment.

Whatever the state of your inbox, you can take care of it. Whatever big project is on your horizon, you can do it. Just take one step at a time and eventually you'll reach your destination. May God be with you in all you do!

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