Tuesday, January 31, 2012

J.R. Martinez Inspires Military Friends

Top photo: Pictured, left to right: Mattie Reynolds, Courtney Kramer, J.R. Martinez and Katie Reynolds.

Second photo: Pictured, left to right: Katie Reynolds, Courtney Kramer and Mattie Reynolds.
Photos by Phyllis Wheeler

 Shirley Endres and Phyllis Wheeler. Photo by Phyllis Wheeler

Not only did I get to hear Army Hero and Dancing with the Stars Champion J.R. Martinez' amazing story today but I got to meet him in person! Thanks to J.R. Martinez I not only have some inspiring words to remember and a wonderful experience to treasure but I made three new friends and strengthened an existing friendship. What a fantastic day filled with blessings!

It was wonderful to meet Katie, Courtney and Mattie, three fun young ladies who kindly shared some great blogging tips. It was also great spending time with my friend Shirley who was kind enough to drive us both today.

If you're interested in learning more about J.R.'s talk you can check out this article on my local news/community events blog. If you'd like me to type up the notes I took of his story (in addition to what is in the aforementioned article) please email me or comment below and I'll be glad to do that for you.

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