Saturday, November 24, 2012

Companion Animals (Pets): Day 24 of 30 Days of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Harvest Cat
 "A righteous man has regard for the life of his animal." Proverbs 12:10a (NASB)

Today I'm focusing on being thankful for the domestic animals/companion animals (aka pets) that have enriched my life. Right now I have two black "rescue" cats and they are such a blessing to me. This morning my little cat, Baby, rested her head against mine as I was holding her and she purred right into my ear. So sweet! Moose (pictured above), while wearing what appears to be a perpetual scowl, is actually a very sweet cat who lets us put costumes on her, loves to sit on my husband's lap and entertains us with her unique personality.

Halloween Witch Cat
When treated humanely, most companion animals offer such amazing love, acceptance and friendship that it's hard for me to understand how it's possible for so many pets to be euthanized (this morning I read somewhere that it's estimated that 3-4 million shelter pets are killed each year!). If you're thinking about getting a pet I strongly encourage you to consider a shelter or other rescue pet. If you don't have the funds to care for a pet you could still enrich your life and help some kind hearted animals by volunteering at a local shelter. Most can use more volunteers.

Princess cat
My cats are little like dogs in that they greet me at the door, follow me around and appreciate attention all the time (a lot of cats only want affection on their own timeline). We've had fetching cats (so fun!) and even a psychotic cat (poor thing was super sweet when her brain was balanced and we couldn't afford the anti-psychosis medicines she needed so we eventually found her a loving owner who could afford them and he said she was "the best cat ever" once she'd adjusted) but they've all enriched our lives.

Butterfly Cat in Costume
Growing up we had cats and dogs inside and out as well as the occasional sets of chickens and rabbits. Animals were a big and happy part of my childhood. Of all the cats I've ever had, though, my little Baby (current cat) is my favorite. She was feral born and is really only domesticated to me but she loves me as if I were her mama and she brightens every day. May God bless you and your pets!

What do you love most about your pet? What was the best pet you ever had?

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