Saturday, September 14, 2013

Egan's Backyard Retreat

My new friend Egan was kind enough to let me crash her yard with my camera. She has maximized the space in her little suburban back yard to make it not only a restful retreat but also a great producer of vegetables, herbs and flowers. In a space of about 20 x 20 feet she has managed to fit in several meandering paths, huge barrel planters for vegetables and flowers, a little herb garden, hanging plants and beautiful decor touches.
Even Clyde, her beautiful rescue cat wants to enjoy Egan's garden retreat! I love how she hides her trash can and compost bin with this trio of planters overflowing with foliage and flowers.
Egan graciously let me take this photo of her for you all even though she doesn't think she's photogenic (this is my hint for you all to comment and tell her how gorgeous she is! even without makeup and with her beautiful hair pulled back!).
This is the outside entrance to Egan's garden retreat. I love  how you're greeted with a little path and her mix of different foliage plants lining the path.
These peppers were growing in the barrel on the far left of the first picture (above). Egan's not only kind and beautiful - she's also genius gardener. Thank you Egan, for your friendship and for letting me share your beautiful back yard garden with the world!

May God bless Egan and may He bless you too!


  1. Love it, she's spot on with that small space...and she is lovely...thanks for the ideas...

    1. Thank you Judi :) I'll pass on your kind comments to Egan. Hope all is well with you and yours! Maybe if I ever get back to your neck of the woods I'll crash your garden :) Or barn. Your horses are lovely too :)