Friday, September 20, 2013

County Fair Photos, Haikus and Results

My county's fair was fun this year and I had a great time entering exhibits and was pleasantly surprised to win 45 ribbons (21 blue, 16 red and 8 white). I entered 41 flowers (including flower arrangements), 17 crafts (combined handicrafts, Christmas corner and needle crafts) and 8 herbal items. Above is our blue ribbon coleus (we have a lot of coleus plants but this one in our deep shade garden was the healthiest looking).
I think this is the third year (of three years total and ever) that our tithonia, grown from seed, won a blue ribbon at the fair. The first two years I thought they were zinnias but the judges knew better.
On the top left you can see my "we're thankful for" clothespin wreath. There were some creative wreath entries in the handicrafts department.
Our blue ribbon winning lantana bush is partially photographed above. If you look closely you can see some animal life on one of the flowers.
Some of our marigolds won blue ribbons, but not this one, even though it's my favorite. I think it won a red ribbon though.

Here are the county fair haiku poems I wrote and mentioned in the title of this post:

It's fun to enter
flowers, herbs, crafts and photos
as fair exhibits

You can compete to
win ribbons and prize money;
maybe best in show!

Do you enter in your county fair? Do you attend your county fair? What's your favorite part of the fair? May God bless all of the fair volunteers and may He bless you too!

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  1. Well done, I bet it was loads of fun! I miss the county and state fairs of my youth <3

    1. Thank you CoJo <3 I wish I'd known about them in my youth!

      My mom is very talented at gardening and crafting ... not sure why she didn't enter herself when I was little. That would have been a fun family tradition :)