Saturday, January 25, 2014

Snow Bird Photos and Haiku Poem

We have bird feeders up all year but the birds especially seem to appreciate them when there's snow on the ground. I feel blessed with every bird sighting and that makes for a lot of blessings. The variety of beautiful birds feasting in the snow even inspired me to write this little poem:

Snow Bird Haiku 
Cardinals, finches
titmice, wrens and more flock
to feeders in snow.

 I love the red and puffiness of this pretty finch.
 This bright red cardinal kept his eye on me as I took photos.
This beautiful bird moved around so quickly it took quite a few tries to get a decent shot. I love the little seed sticking out from his beak.
The birds were so hungry they even shared feeders (as you can see with these four yellow finches). It was fun to watch them jockey for position.

God sure is amazing! I'm thankful He created so many beautiful birds for us to enjoy. Imagine how much greater heaven will be! May God bless you and keep you!

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  1. It's wonderful you take care of them in the winter. :)

    1. Thank you kindly! My husband does most of the work for feeding the birds so credit goes to him. Peace be with you!