Thursday, April 17, 2014

Funny Easter Cat Photos Featuring Snickers the Cat

Happy Easter from my friend Pam, her cat, Snickers, and me! Snickers loves to eat so we bribed her with treats to get these funny and cute Easter cat photos for you. We hope you get a laugh and a smile out of them!
Snickers didn't mind the bunny ears around her neck but she didn't like them on top of her head.
She was fine with the Easter eggs when they were stationary but if they moved, so did she. I love how she's sticking her little cat tongue out in this photo.
She seemed to enjoy the outside session more than the inside (perhaps the lack of rolling Easter eggs?).
But what I think she liked most were the treats Pam fed her. Hearty thanks to Pam and Snickers for opening their home and hearts to me and my camera!

Happy Easter, dear friends! May the God of all love, peace and power, bless Pam, her kitties, and you too!

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