Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Heartie the Cat for Wild Wednesday

Heartie posing: Copyright © Phyllis Wheeler, 2015
Happy wild Wednesday! I met this gorgeous big cat on a recent walk and thought he was so wonderful I had to share him with you. He inspected me with his serious stare (made less serious by the lovely heart shape made when his front paws are placed together as in the photo above). I don't actually know his name but I think of him as Heartie.
Heartie running: Copyright © Phyllis Wheeler, 2015
After examining me for a moment he must have decided I was ok as he came running towards me and rubbed against my legs doing that lovely tail hug thing some cats do (they wrap their tails around your ankle or wrist like a little hug). Of course I responded by giving him a good petting session which he seemed to love.
Heartie's home: Copyright © Phyllis Wheeler, 2015
I've never seen Heartie before even though I occasionally walk by the house he was guarding. I wonder if he's a foster cat as I suspect the house he was guarding belongs to an animal fostering family (I see lots of different pets there). If he is a foster cat, his foster family and any animal welfare agencies trying to place him are welcome to use these photos in finding him a forever home. If not his family is still welcome to the photos for personal use.

Maybe someday I'll get brave and knock on their door to find out Heartie's story. They have (or are long term fostering) a little dog who needs the wheelchair apparatus you can see on the right side of the photo above. So I suspect the family is full of kindhearted people.

Thank you for visiting! May God bless Heartie, his family and you too!

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