Friday, August 7, 2015

Summer Roses, Golden Sundrops, Dahlia, Joe Pye Weed and Day Lily

Hot pink rose over echinacea: Copyright © Phyllis Wheeler, 2015
Happy floral Friday and welcome to "this week in my Maryland garden!" Happy August too! The weeds are having a field day but thankfully the flowers are still more noticeable.  I think this is one of our "Senior Prom" roses, the first group of rose bushes we planted after we moved here.
Heliopsis Summer Sun: Copyright © Phyllis Wheeler, 2015
Our golden sundrops (also known as heliopsis summer sun) are still going strong and when I'm behind in deadheading them the golden finches feed on them. By God's grace, in late September/early October I plan to stop deadheading them and let them set plenty of seeds for the birds over the winter.
"Magic Sunrise" dahlia: Copyright © Phyllis Wheeler, 2015
The magic sunrise dahlia is still my favorite this year but all of the dahlias are beautiful.
Bee on "Little Joe Pye Weed": Copyright © Phyllis Wheeler, 2015
Two weeks ago I posted a photo of our little Joe pye weed at the budding stage and now it's in full bloom and the bees are enjoying it. 
Stella d'Oro reblooming day lily: Copyright © Phyllis Wheeler, 2015
The pretty yellow Stella d'Oro reblooming day lilies are usually our first to flower in the spring and now that most of the big ones are done they've started blooming again, which I definitely appreciate. If we are blessed, they will bloom on and off through first frost. One of my super kind neighbors was getting rid of a clump of them this week so we have a new one to add to our collection (thank you!).

Thank you for joining me. May God bless you this August and always!

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