Sunday, February 12, 2012

Lion and Bear Tongues

Adult male Andean bear photo by Ben Wheeler

Male adult lion and cubs photo by Ben Wheeler

Enjoyed a trip to the National Zoo on this chilly afternoon. The lions cuddled and tussled on a bed of pine needles. The lion cubs are nearly the size of their parents now but still have the playfulness of children. The Andean bears (also called spectacled bears) enjoyed some treats placed around their habitats and you can see the papa bear just after licking one of his frozen treats (my guess is it was berries in ice).

I kept my fingers in my mittens but my husband braved the cold and kindly agreed to share these fun lion and bear tongue photos with you all. The radio announcer said the windchill was 16 degrees (Fahrenheit) when we arrived at the zoo so if you appreciate Ben's freezing his fingers for you please comment below and I'll share your comments with him.

Every visit to the zoo reminds me of God's amazing creative genius. May God bless you today and always!

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