Monday, May 13, 2013

Secret Gazebo Photos & Haikus (Short Poems)

Secret Gazebo: Copyright © by Phyllis Wheeler, May 2013
Secret Gazebo Haiku Poem
 Secret gazebo
Hidden in the pine forest
Nestled in spring blooms

There's a secret gazebo nestled in the midst of the National Arboretum's Conifer Garden. I love visiting it with my husband and taking in the fresh air and quiet surroundings. It's especially beautiful in spring with azaleas and other flowers blooming nearby.

Gazebo Window: Copyright © by Phyllis Wheeler, May 2013
 Spring Happiness Haiku
 Hiking through the pines
Enjoying fresh spring air and
time with my husband. 
Inside Gazebo: Copyright © by Phyllis Wheeler, May 2013
Sometime I'd like to visit the arboretum with a friend who likes to read so we could just hang out in this gazebo and enjoy reading in the fresh air together.

Gazebo View: Copyright © by Ben Wheeler, May 2013, used with permission
My dear husband took the photo above and he kindly consented to let me share it with you. May God bless you, dear friends!

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    1. Thank you Ed! It is a lovely, peaceful place :) Hope all is well with you and yours!