Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Lion Cubs, Lion Dad, Clouded Leopard and Lemurs

Luke the lion basks in sun: Copyright © by Phyllis Wheeler, July 2014
Happy wild Wednesday! Yesterday my dear friend Pam and I enjoyed a trip to the National Zoo. Our primary goal was to view the six cute lion cubs but Pam also wanted to see the other big cats and the funny lemurs. Luke, the lion cub's dad, lounged in the sun while his cute cubs alternated between resting and playing. I love Luke's majestic male lion mane.
Cute lounging lion cub Copyright © by Phyllis Wheeler, July 2014
This cub was watching his mom come near. I have another lion cub post planned with a surprise photo of what he does when mom arrives. Come back soon for more cute lion cub pictures!
Lion cub curls tail: Copyright © by Phyllis Wheeler, July 2014
I love how this cub curled his tail and closed his eyes in sunbeam enjoyment happiness. This is one cute lion!
Funny lemur group: Copyright © by Phyllis Wheeler, July 2014
The lemurs were hilarious, even though they didn't move from their cluster on their tree house. I love how the middle lemur noticed me and looked me right in the camera eye when I took this photo.
Rare clouded leopard: Copyright © by Phyllis Wheeler, July 2014
Usually, if we're lucky enough to see the clouded leopard, she's asleep. But yesterday she spent some time sniffing the air and looking around. I have selected five even better clouded leopard photos to share with you in a future wild Wednesday post so be sure to check back weekly if you love big cats!

Heartfelt thanks to Pam for driving and sharing her precious time with me! May God bless Pam, the zoo residents and staff, and may He bless you too!

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