Tuesday, July 1, 2014

My Simplifying Home 8 Week Journey: Week 1, Day 1

Ben's terrarium: Copyright © by Phyllis Wheeler, June 2014
Some precious friends are joining me in Beginner Beans' Simplifying Home 8 week journey and today's our day one. I thought I'd share here in case any of you also would like to join me or read about my experience with it. My main goals are clutter clearing and simplifying. 

For those who are joining: Welcome! I hope we each experience abundant joy, freedom and success in this! It is my prayer that we will end this 8 week journey feeling more organized, happier with our homes and content with our lives.

The first step was to read the checklist. I also printed it out. Not the greenest thing to do but I have yet to figure out how to check things off in a pdf and I thought it would be easier to see where I'm at if I could physically check things off on the list.

Thankfully, I already have some of the habits/environment situations set up for week 1. 
  • My "outbox" is my office floor. 
  • My "entryway filter" is the kitchen counter for just catching my breath and the kitchen table if I need a longer break before tending to the incoming stuff. 
  • I cancelled old/unused magazine subscriptions long ago. 
  • Improving the entryway filter/landing strip: It would be nice to have a chair for removing shoes by the door and to have a place to hang wet coats/umbrellas/hats. However, space is an issue and I don't see where we could put either.
  • I'm not going to "buy" fresh flowers when I can go out in my yard and cut them but cutting them will be a happy chore. I did that this weekend so I'll wait until they need replacing to cut more. I love my flower garden!
  • I already use earth friendly cleaning products.
  • I started a style tray when I first read about this project. You can see it here if you like: http://www.pinterest.com/joyfulphyllis/home-style-tray-idea-board/
So I still have the whole entryway cleaning/decluttering to do and, God and health permitting, I'm planning to do that on Wednesday and/or Thursday. I'm guessing the rest of what's left for me will take less than 8 hours and if I don't completely finish, that's ok too. There will be progress and I'm excited about that!.

Hearty thanks to Trina of Beginner Beans for making this free resource available and her beautiful heart for God. May God bless her and may He bless you too!


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