Friday, June 27, 2014

Dahlias, Day Lilies, Daisies and More Flowers From My Maryland Garden

El Dorado Day Lily: Copyright © by Phyllis Wheeler, June 2014
Happy floral Friday! The day lilies are the star of the show this week in my Maryland Garden and the El Dorado is my favorite. The yellow is even brighter appearing in person.
French Marigold: Copyright © by Phyllis Wheeler, June 2014
I grew all of our French marigolds from seed so they make me extra happy whenever I see them. I love all of my flowers but there's something special about the ones grown from seed. One seed packet led to almost two flats of seedlings, most of which were bicolor, but with a variety of patterns of red, orange, yellow and gold in the flowers.
Dinner Plate Dahlia: Copyright © by Phyllis Wheeler, June 2014
This yellow and white dahlia isn't really dinner plate sized (as stated on the tuber's package) but it is a good 4-5" wide and I'm enjoying the sunny blooms.
White African Daisy: Copyright © by Phyllis Wheeler, June 2014
Double Day Lily: Copyright © by Phyllis Wheeler, June 2014
For some odd reason I couldn't put regular text between the two photos above. The top one is an African Daisy. We have a bunch of these in different colors and I love them but, unfortunately, so do the rabbits. Several of the plants have already been eaten down to the ground (along with my bachelor buttons, some bee balm and other plants).

The rabbits don't seem to care about the day lilies though and the double bloom orange and red ones are starting to spread nicely. Day lilies seem to be the easiest flower to grow here in Maryland. They don't mind our heavy clay soil, drought or downpours.

I hope you enjoyed this week's mini photo tour of my Maryland garden. May the God who created all these beautiful flowers bless and keep you!

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