Friday, May 30, 2014

Raindrop Drenched Rose, Cosmos, Honeysuckle and Dianthus Flower Photos

Rose and raindrop macro: Copyright © by Phyllis Wheeler, May 2014
Happy floral Friday! This week brought a lot of rain to my Maryland garden. I took these photos yesterday, after a heavy rain.
Yellow Rose with Raindrops: Copyright © by Phyllis Wheeler, May 2014
I thought the roses looked even more beautiful than usual with their raindrop dressing.
White Cosmos: Copyright © by Phyllis Wheeler, May 2014
 The cosmos flower was so wet with rain that I had to tip it upwards to get a photo.
Honeysuckle raindrops: Copyright © by Phyllis Wheeler, May 2014
Honeysuckle may not bloom for long but I love its sweet scent.
Dianthus raindrops: Copyright © by Phyllis Wheeler, May 2014
Some of the raindrops on this dianthus were perfectly round so I had to include this photo even though last week's post featured two dianthus photos.

I hope you enjoyed "this week in my Maryland Garden" and look forward to bringing you more photos next week. May God bless and keep you, dear friends!

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