Friday, May 23, 2014

Mandevilla, Roses, Dianthus and Petunias: This Week in My Maryland Garden

Happy floral Friday everyone! I love spring. This week in my Maryland garden all kinds of beautiful flowers are blooming. I might do a special post of iris photos so I picked the best of my non iris bloomers of the week to share with you today. Above is my very first mandevilla plant. 
 I love this bicolor dianthus and even have a little caterpillar vase full of them by my computer.
 These red petunias with white stripes make me smile.
 Our roses have started blooming. The yellow ones smell wonderful and are some of my favorites.
These small pink dianthus plants survived our unusually cold winter. They're supposed to be annuals but I was happy to see them come back this spring.

May God bless and keep you dear friends!

Which photo do you like best? What is blooming in your area?

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