Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Cute Little Lion Cub Photos

Cute baby lion: Copyright © by Phyllis Wheeler, June 2014
Happy wild Wednesday! The lion cubs were frisky and fun to watch this week at the National Zoo. As adorable as these two baby lions are, I'm thinking that when joined by their four slightly younger cousins (predicted for this coming Father's Day weekend) the cuteness will be even greater. The adorable baby lion above is about to pounce on his sister.
Cute lion train: Copyright © by Phyllis Wheeler, June 2014
Here you see the brother and sister lion cubs followed by their mom. They make a cute lion train.
Baby lion chews on wood: Copyright © by Phyllis Wheeler, June 2014
I thought it was really strange when my feral born cat chewed on some mulch but apparently cats like to chew on wood, given that this lion cub was gnawing on this branch.
Mama and baby lion: Copyright © by Phyllis Wheeler, June 2014
Sometimes the cubs' mom let them jump on and off walls but other times she stopped them. If they didn't listen to her warning growls they received a physical reprimand.
Lion cub protests: Copyright © by Phyllis Wheeler, June 2014
And that reprimand didn't look like much fun but it was only seconds later until the cub was off running around so it must have appeared worse than it felt. The lion cubs are adorable and, according to regular viewers, usually out starting around 11:00 am.

I hope you enjoyed these cute little lion photos! May the God who created the lions, our earth and everything in it bless and keep you!

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