Friday, June 6, 2014

Day Lily, Primrose, Echinacea, Petunia and Cosmos Photos

Stella d'Oro day lily: Copyright © by Phyllis Wheeler, May 2014
Happy floral Friday! This week in my Maryland garden the first of my day lilies, the Stella D'Oro golden yellow re-blooming variety, has started blooming and the one in the photo above is my first day lily bloom of the year.
Pink Primrose: Copyright © by Phyllis Wheeler, May 2014
I'm not sure if this is a wild or evening primrose but I like it and it spreads quickly.
First Echinacea of 2014: Copyright © by Phyllis Wheeler, May 2014
Our very first echinacea (purple coneflower) of the year started blooming this week. The petals haven't completely opened yet but it's nice to see even in the beginning stages.
White cosmos with bee: Copyright © by Phyllis Wheeler, May 2014
This white cosmos looks a lot sturdier than the one in last week's picture but it's from the same plant. It just had time to dry out between rainstorms before I took the photo.
Pink, white and green petunia:Copyright © by Phyllis Wheeler, May 2014
I love this variegated petunia's colors. It's an exciting time to be out in the garden with new things blooming each week. Which was your favorite photo this week?

May the God who created every beautiful thing bless you beyond your wildest dreams!

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