Thursday, June 12, 2014

Missy's Marvelous Gardens

My dear friend Missy graciously opened her home and garden to me (and my camera) yesterday. We had a great visit and I enjoyed touring her marvelous gardens. Above is one of her front yard garden beds, a delightful mix of flowers, herbs and foliage plants.
Here's a close up of her patriotic porch display with beautifully flowering strawberry plants in wooden boxes.  Missy's clever ideas make her garden a beautiful, fun and unique place to visit!
 She has some of the best window boxes I've ever seen lining her deck.
Her chervil must be eight feet tall! She had to bend a branch to get it into the photo. You can see a bit of her back yard behind her.
Here's a landscape view of her back yard. I like how she made the bed curve and lined it with large stones.

Hearty thanks to Missy for sharing her beautiful gardens and modeling for my blog! Come back Saturday for another blog post featuring some of Missy's prettiest flowers up close (tomorrow, as usual, I'll be posting flowers from my own garden). May God bless Missy and may He bless you too!

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