Monday, September 10, 2012

Fair Frenzy, New Bible Study and Prayer Request

I love county fairs. It's fun to see the work of local artists and gardeners and meet new friends. Last year, for the very first time in my life, I entered some of my flowers, herbs, handicrafts and photos and, to my shock and delight, 15 ribbons (including all 1st to 3rd place).

This year, I entered even more items and expanded into the needlecraft category too. You can see one of my needle craft entries here and the photo of my cat (above) was used in one of my handicraft entries. I have no idea whether I'll earn any ribbons this year but I had a great time choosing flowers from our garden and making crafts. The idea is that you can enter any crafts made since the last county fair but I tend to go into a fair frenzy in the weeks before the fair and probably make 75% of my fair entries in the last few weeks before the fair. Yes, it's crazy, but it's also fun.

However, I have been thinking about how much more worthwhile it would be if I put that kind of effort into God's work. Just as I was feeling the need to do more for the Lord, a local ministry needed a volunteer for something God has equipped me to do (even though I haven't actually done it before I've done similar things).

So, I'm stepping out on faith and am going to be leading a newly added ladies Bible study with PWOC (Protestant Women of the Chapel) on Fort Meade. It's Max Lucado's Outlive Your Life and it starts this Wednesday. If you're already familiar with PWOC you can just show up on Wednesday and I'll be thrilled to have you in my class. If you're local and want more information please email me at and I'll be glad to tell you more. If you are a person of faith I'd truly appreciate your prayer support in this endeavor, both for me to be a loving and affective teacher and for my students to grow in their walk with the Lord.

May God bless you, dear reader!


  1. Wow! Great on the Bible Study, I like Max Lucado, wish I lived down will be a blessing...and the goodness...what fun! Following in your Mom's footsteps, lol...I always wished I had her crafting abilities...congrats on last years winnings and can't wait to see what happens this year.

    1. Thank you Judi! Our first Bible study meeting was a blessing. God put some fantastic ladies in my class!

      Mom is far more craft talented than I am but I am touched that you think I take after her :) Sewing is a craft too though and you are definitely talented at that!

  2. THANK YOU to everyone who has prayed/is praying/will pray for my Bible study! God blessed me with a wonderful group of ladies and I'm looking forward to journeying with them while we learn how God wants us to outlive our lives.