Friday, September 28, 2012

Flower Garden at Baltimore Convention Center

Happy floral Friday everyone! Today I had the fantastic experience of attending the Zumba Instructor training program at the AAAI/ISMAA Conference at the Baltimore Convention Center. Whenever I am at the Baltimore Convention Center I like to visit their third floor patio garden and I hope you'll enjoy these photos.
Here you can see some autumn sedum in the forefront and Baltimore office buildings in the background.
 Here's an overview of the Baltimore Convention Center's patio garden.

 I think these little flowers are on an abelia bush.

Here's a purple coneflower (echinacea). It's nice to see a big, fresh echinacea bloom. Most of ours are raggedly looking and it's about time to let them set seed for the birds.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend. May God bless you!

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