Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Fall Foliage In My Suburban Maryland Neighborhood

Photo by Phyllis Wheeler; Photo enhancement by Brian Dering
It's a beautiful, blue sky day here in Maryland today. Our fall foliage is presenting some nice color and it's a treat for the eyes. My photos don't do it justice but the sunlight is hitting the leaves just right and they appear to glow in some places (if you have tips on how to capture this better I'd love to hear them!). A friend asked for some photos so I thought I'd make an autumn color blog post out of it. Hope you enjoy it!

 The yellow leaves stand out nicely in my neighbor's yard.

Another neighbor's hydrangea bush has some beautiful dried flower heads. It's not really fall foliage but the red flowers fit with the autumn color theme.

This is our own tree. The fall foliage isn't as striking as my neighbors' but I like the contrast with the blue sky. My husband has already removed most of our annual flowers but he left the marigolds and you can just barely see the rose bushes (towards the bottom right). Usually if you click on a photo in these posts it either enlarges the photo or brings you to a larger slideshow version if you want to see more detail.

May God bless you this autumn and always!


  1. always beautiful! God Bless your day Phyllis

    1. Thank you Alan! May God bless you and your family!