Friday, October 5, 2012

Flowers From Our Garden: Floral Friday Photos

Our surviving yellow chrysanthemums are at peak bloom in our mid Atlantic/Maryland garden this week. I love their happy yellow flower faces. Their peak bloom also signals the end of my deadheading activities for the year. Now I'll let our flowers set seed so we can harvest them for next year and the birds can enjoy them this fall and winter.

The marigolds have gone wild and taken over the front part of our front yard flower bed but the moths seem happy about it. I think next year we'll put in half as many marigolds... or maybe even half of that so we can add a bit more variety but they were a quick and inexpensive solution to our back hoed yard emergency situation earlier this year.

 We still have yellow, pink and red roses blooming.

This cute rabbit and I surprised each other. I felt honored when it decided to sit and watch me instead of hopping away.

I thought this dahlia bud was striking. I'm glad to see that we should get another nice flower out of the plant before it's time to dig it up and store it for winter (we're on the cusp of zones 6 and 7).

This was one of my resurrection plant projects. It looked near death when I bought it for a dollar but it's doing fine now. God sure did make some hardy plants.

That's all for this week's floral Friday photos. I hope you enjoyed them and wish you a safe and happy holiday weekend. May God bless you!