Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween, Squirrelly Photos and an Announcement

Happy Halloween from our entire household! Including our wild squirrels. I took some liberties with paint on this photo but the rest are untouched. This squirrel was just begging to be photographed so of course I had to break out my camera. Hope you get a laugh and have a happy and safe Halloween!

 It's almost like the squirrel is trick or treating, isn't it? If you use your imagination?

 Or maybe he's really an evil genius rubbing his claws together and developing his next plot.

But probably he's just hungry, because he suddenly ran to the other side of the yard and turned his back to the camera and ate his treat (hey, it is Halloween).

Ah, the announcement. I figure if you read this far then you absolutely are a dedicated reader (and I thank you!). At least for a while, I'm doing away with Wild Wednesday & Floral Friday and going back to posting whatever strikes my fancy as it does. I'll still aim to post no more than once a day (observing the golden rule and all). There will still likely be plenty of animal, flower and other nature photo posts, just not so scheduled.

Hope your day is filled with treats and pleasant surprises. May God bless you!

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