Thursday, October 11, 2012

Janet's Super Organized Craft & Hobby Room

Overview of Janet's super organized craft room
My friend Janet has the most organized craft room I've ever seen. Not only is it super organized but it's a lovely place to hang out too. She was kind enough to let me crash it with my camera today and I hope you'll enjoy the tour. Above is an overview shot of the room with Janet the good sport, bead genius and organizing guru. She literally has a place for everything and she does six different kinds of crafts and her husband also does some of his hobby activities in her room too. Janet's crafting interests include beading, scrap booking, card making, sewing, crocheting and floral arrangement. She packs everything needed for all six craft categories into her lovely craft room (can you tell that I was impressed?).

This pretty shelf of large beads in glass jars looked even nicer in person. You can't see it in the overview photo (above) but it's on your left when you walk into her craft room.

These bookcases store some of her amazing finished beaded projects, her craft books and decorations. You can see the edge of her sewing table on the lower left hand side of the photo above. It's a handy table that has leaves that fold up from both sides of the center (and you can fold up one side, both, or neither, as Janet has it now so it takes up less space when she's not using it).

The white cabinet stores Janet's sewing supplies (material, patterns, thread etc.) and she keeps her sewing machine tucked away in the room's closet between uses).

This amazing piece of furniture is an "original scrap box" that Janet got a fantastic deal on (if I could find one at that price I'd love to have one myself). It's open in the photo but if she's having guests over it closes up to look like a regular armoire, freeing up enough space for a guest bed. Janet has her beading supplies on the right side as well as on both of the outer door edges. Yes, those are all beads! She wrote more about it here. In the main left compartments she has her floral arrangement, scrap booking, card making, felting and paint supplies. In the skinny left compartments she has a host of tools (glue gun, heat gun, rhinestone setter etc.). On the fold out table she has her current project (a beaded necklace), light and notebook and further back behind the table is a lazy susan with her pliers, pens and other small tools she likes to keep handy. Below the table is a handy compartment where she keeps over sized things like her portable craft bag (she teaches beading classes at Bead Soup). Above the fold out table she has her crafting magazines, more beading material and tools and her "bling" (pretty crystals and super shiny beading materials).

Janet keeps her finished beaded ornaments in this handily divided ornament box and the box is nestled near her sewing machine in the closet. That finishes our tour of Janet's super organized craft room! I took some close up pictures of her lovely bead work so look for another post featuring her finished crafts in the near future. If you'd like to learn more about Janet here are some handy resources for you:
Hearty thanks to Janet for opening her home to me and sharing her fabulous organization skills with us all. May God bless Janet and may He bless you too, dear reader!

Note/Disclaimer: I was not asked to write this post, and I received no incentive or reward for writing this post, all the opinions are mine and Janet and I are friends and fellow military spouses. I just wanted to share her craft room organization because I thought it was fantastic.

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  1. This is a lovely post, a great crafter, and well organized space. So happy that I found your post through "The Original Scrapbox Company"'s site. One small thing, though, the armoire from then that is pictured here is a Workbox. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thank you kindly, Donna. Janet's space is truly inspiring. I had the armoire's title in quotes because that was what Janet called it but it's good to know the real title too. Happy New Year!