Saturday, October 13, 2012

Meko the Beautiful and Friendly Maine Coon Cat

Meet Meko, my friend Janet's lovely Maine Coon cat companion. Meko is incredibly soft and friendly. She likes to be picked up a certain way and will cuddle until something exciting (like a bird at the window) catches her eye. She purred the very first time I pet her (in my mind, purring is the official cat stamp of approval and always warms my heart).

Meko was more interested in checking out the camera than in getting her photo taken but I hope you enjoy these photos and can see what a beautiful kitty she is. Of course, I love the look of every Maine Coon cat I've ever seen but I thought Meko was especially pretty.

This is camera-flash-avoiding Meko. I don't blame her. Even though I had turned the flash off by this point she had learned to look away. This isn't technically a good shot but I thought I'd include it anyway because it's kind of arty with the shadows. Meko might be the softest cat I ever pet so it was certainly a pleasure to meet her. Janet takes fantastic care of Meko, who is clearly healthy and happy in their home.

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