Thursday, July 24, 2014

My Simplifying Home 8 Week Journey: Week 4, Day 3

Above is the "after" picture of my sink/vanity area. The "before" (below) wasn't so bad but I wanted to tidy it up. I tend to leave new purchases and samples out until I try them at least once but it makes for a cluttered counter.

Like usual when clutter clearing, I removed everything from the area, cleaned everything (except the makeup brushes - that's a separate project), purged the clutter, put things that belong elsewhere away and put back just what I need, use and/or love. In addition, I made a little "beautiful" sign for the bottom drawer of my cotton/q-tip container (near the top right of the photo) and a "clean" sign for my soap dispenser. I had a matching pretty marble dispenser but it didn't work well.  This plastic dispenser works well but was kind of ugly and I think the "clean" sign makes it much nicer.
This didn't take very long so I decided to do my tissue/hairbrush shelf too.
But before I get to that Baby cat wanted to make an appearance (I know I'm biased but I think she's adorable). From this angle you can see that I just attached the "clean" sign with two rubber bands. Because it's just untreated paper I wanted it to be easy to replace.
Here's the "before" of my hairbrush/tissue shelf. All the clutter made it hard to reach the tissues. Like with my vanity, I tend to leave things out until I use them. However, that weird looking pink detangler brush didn't work on my hair. I use it on my cat though (and she loves it). So I put that with the cat brushes and the rest of the project followed the same clutter clearing/organizing steps as my vanity/sink area (described above). The only difference is that I didn't make any signs and I did add a towel underneath the keepers to hide the plastic and make it easier to clean.
Here's the "after" of my hairbrush/tissue shelf. Nothing exceptional but a lot cleaner looking and it's easier to get to the things I use every day. In case you're wondering, instead of putting the hair styling kit away I put it under the tissue box to raise it up and make it easier to reach.

Both parts of this project took about 20 minutes altogether and I think it was time well spent, especially since they were my first two MITs (most important tasks) for this week's Simplifying Home Challenge. It will probably take me at least that long to clean my makeup brushes but that's my third MIT for the week (any further progress is a bonus).

Thank you for joining me and thank you to Trina of Beginner Beans for making her Simplifying Home challenge a free resource. May God bless you and Trina too!

What in your bathroom needs organizing the most? What was the most rewarding organizing or clutter clearing project you've ever done? 

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