Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Wet & Wild Birds!

Wild cardinal: Copyright © by Phyllis Wheeler, July 2014
Happy wild Wednesday! It's steaming hot here in Maryland and the wild birds have been flocking to our bird bath. This female cardinal bathed while her mate watched for predators.
Wild red finch: Copyright © by Phyllis Wheeler, July 2014
This red finch really loved the bird bath. It was having such a great time I took a video of it splashing around. If you'd like to see it, let me know and I'll share it in a future blog post.
Wild catbird: Copyright © by Phyllis Wheeler, July 2014
This cute catbird eyed me warily as I took photos but decided to keep bathing.
Cardinal and red finch share: Copyright © by Phyllis Wheeler, July 2014
You know it's hot when birds of different species share the bird bath. The female cardinal patiently let this red finch hop in front of her for some water.

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