Monday, August 4, 2014

My Simplifying Home 8 Week Journey: Week 5, Day 7

"After" organizing: Copyright © Phyllis Wheeler, 2014
This week did not go according to plan. But God is good! And He saw me through a trying week. Instead of going by my prioritized list, I had to take care of some health challenges and a cat challenge. Or should I say... a cat accident. Moose the cat knocked down an air purifying Chinese evergreen houseplant and a pile of pillows off of the taller dresser. Why did she think she'd fit up there with the plant and all those pillows? Only Moose knows.
"Before" organizing: Copyright © Phyllis Wheeler, 2014
On the day Moose knocked the plant and other stuff down I was able to scoop some of the dirt up and stick the plant back in the pot (it had fallen completely out) but (because of health challenges) it was another two days before I was able to deal with the area. I hate to let dirt settle but sometimes there's no choice.

Normally, I choose a smaller, more manageable area for these posts but dirt from the houseplant fell far and wide so it ended up really being multiple projects:
  • Clean/organize/clutter clearing of tallest dresser
  • Clean/organize/clutter clearing of medium dresser
  • Clean/organize/clutter clearing of hubby's nightstand
  • Clean/organize/clutter clearing of chair's side table
  • Clean/organize/clutter clearing of floor 
  • Clean/organize/clutter clearing between dressers
  • Clean/organize/clutter clearing between nightstand and dresser
  • Clean, move and vacuum under chair
  • Repot houseplant
Because of the bits of houseplant dirt scattered all over the place, I tackled the first eight projects listed above as if they were one. I cleared the whole area then cleaned the dirty non furniture stuff. I cleaned the various pieces of furniture. I used a dustpan and brush to get up as much of the loose dirt as possible and then vacuumed thoroughly. Before I put anything back I determined whether we really love, need or use it so the result is a much nicer, clutter-free area. Even if it wasn't originally on my list of things to do this week.
"After" organizing 2: Copyright © Phyllis Wheeler, 2014
Above is another "after" photo of the newly organized corner of our bedroom from another angle. I should probably move those dahlias (in the little clear glass jar) before Moose has another accident.

Just in case you're wondering... in the first two photos you can see the edge of my chair. It's positioned so I can watch the hummingbirds at their favorite feeder. Also, to me, the lion and the lamb are symbolic of heaven, peace and God's love so I like to have them kind of hugging each other.

Thank you for joining me and thank you to Trina of Beginner Beans for making her Simplifying Home challenge a free resource. May God bless you and Trina too!

How do you deal with spills and accidents? Do you have a great clutter clearing story or organizing tip to share? I'd love to hear it!

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